Brown Onion Gravy

 Brown Onion Gravy

EquipmentOil/FatThickening AgentFlavoring AgentSpicing AgentColoring AgentSouring Agent
Kadhai should be used only if darker colored lababdar gravy is desired. Use tinned brass utensil, as an  untinned utensil will react with tomatoes.Any good vegetable oil is used.Onions form the base and body of this gravy.Khada Masala is tempered in oil and garam masala is used in the finishing.Red chilli powder is made into a paste and added after onions have turned brown.Red chillies also act as coloring agent.Chopped tomatoes also form the base of this gravy. Equal parts of onions and tomatoes are used for this gravy.


Heat oil in the chosen utensil and temper with khada masala and slit green chilies. Add chopped onions and cook until slightly darker than golden brown. Take care not to burn the onions, as they will impart a bitter taste. Add ginger and garlic paste and cook for a minute. Add red chili powder made into a paste with water and cook for 30 seconds on a low flame.  Add chopped tomatoes and cook. Add a small amount of hot water into the gravy and keep mashing the onions and tomatoes to form a base and thickening for the gravy. Cook this gravy covered on a hot plate. The covering will deepen the color. Finish the gravy with chopped ginger and green chilies.

Usage and Storage

This gravy is used in north Indian cooking and forms the base for many curries and dishes.  This can be used as tempering to boiled lentils or sautéed spinach can be tossed with it to make a spinach dish. Small baby aubergine can be stuffed with aamchoori masala and simmered with this gravy. This gravy is also used of its own to make paneer lababdar, etc. This gravy is usually chunky in texture, but if desired it can be pureed and passed through a sieve.  This gravy usually made fresh for each dish in every Indian home and used in everyday cooking.  Brown onion gravy can be made and stored in the freezer for up to two, months but the philosophy of good Indian cooking is the usage of fresh ingredients.

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