Chicken Carpaccio


Chicken Breast6 pcs
Radish6 nos
Limes2 nos
Olive Oil3 tbsp
Salt and Pepper1 tbsp

Methods Of Cooking Chicken Carpaccio

  • Place the chicken breast in the freezer for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, make the marinate wash lemons, grate the zest.
  • After that wrap the chicken breast in clean foil in cylindrical form.
  • Steam it in a steamer
  • Unwrap it and marinate in salt pepper and mustard paste.
  • Coat it with ground pepper and wrap it in silver foil then cool in a freezer.
  • Slice the radishes and slice the chicken, plate it on plate squeeze the lemon and give a dash of olive oil, garnish it with currants and blueberries and lastly serve it.
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