Hariyali Gravy

Hariyali Gravy

Hariyali in Hindi means green. This gravy is made by adding cooked spinach puree into brown gravy.


Make the onion tomato masala as shown in Table. When done, add spinach paste to the masala and cook without covering it until the oil floats on top.

Hariyali Gravy

EquipmentOil/FatThickening AgentFlavoring AgentSpicing AgentColoring AgentSouring Agent
Iron equipment should never be used as it will discolor the gravy.Any good quality vegetable oil or ghee can be used to make this gravy.Spinach, tomatoes, and onions form the base and body of this gravy.Khada Masala is tempered in oil and ginger-garlic paste is cooked with onions and tomatoes.Green chili paste is added to maintain the green color.Green chili paste also acts as a coloring agent.Chopped tomatoes also form the base of this gravy.          

Usage and Storage

This gravy is used in many dishes around India. The green paste used in the north can be of spinach, while in south India, this paste could be of curry leaves and coriander leaves. In Kashmir, this green paste could be made of fresh fenugreek leaves to create a methi tsaman. Saag gosht from north India is also made by combining hariyali gravy with lamb.

          This gravy can be made instantly of the basis mis en place, such as brown onion gravy and spinach paste, is ready.

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