Makhni Gravy

Makhni Gravy

This is a very popular gravy from north India and us used for many preparations such as murgh makhni,paneer makhni, etc.  It is also added along with onion tomato masala to produce many other curries. As the name suggests, this dish is flavored with butter.

Makhni gravy

EquipmentOil/FatThickening AgentFlavoring AgentSpicing AgentColoring AgentSouring Agent
This gravy doesn’t stick to the base of thick-bottomed utensils. Use tinned brass utensil, as an untinned utensil will react with tomatoes.One could use the home churned white butter or salted butter.Cashew nut paste, khoya, tomato puree, and cream are used.Pitli masala  consisting of green cardamom, mace, peppercorn, cinnamon, and bay leaf is used Kasoori methi  is used as an aromatic agent and sugar is used for cutting down on the sourness of tomatoes.Red chilli powder and slit green chillies are added as spicing agents.Red chillies also act as coloring agent.Pureed tomatoes also form the base of this gravy.


Make a cross on the head of the tomatoes with a sharp knife, put them in a chosen pot, and add a little amount of water. Add crushed ginger and garlic and let the tomatoes stew until soft.  Puree and strain the tomatoes and keep aside.  Heat the butter, add red chili powder and cook for 30 seconds. Add pureed tomatoes, salt, potli masala, green chilies and cook covered until the specks of melted butter are visible on the surface. Add cashew nut paste, toasted and powdered kasoori methi, sugar. Add more butter if required and finish with cream.

Usage and Storage

This gravy is used in north Indian cooking and forms base for many curries and dishes. This gravy is paired with lightly flavored foods such as chicken, fish, and cottage cheese. The tandoor-cooked chicken tikka is stewed with makhni gravy to make murgh butter masala.  It is also used in conjunction with onion tomato masala to make curries. The dish prepared with this gravy will always have makhan, which means butter, mentioned with it such as murgh makhni, paneer makhni, and subz Makhan wala.

            If this gravy has to be made in bulk, then prepare only the base; which means till the time tomatoes are pureed and cooked with potli masala when the oil specks appear on the top. Finish the gravy whit cashew nut paste and kasoori methi on a daily basis and use it in dishes. The base gravy can be stored in a walk-in for one week and can be vacuum-packed and stored for two months.

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