Sea Food Chowder Soup


Shrimp1/2 pound
Monkfish1/2 pound
Garlic2 cloves
Butter1/4 pound
Flour1/2 pound
Yellow Onion3 pieces
Celery Stalks3 pieces
Corn Kernels1/2 cups
Seafood stock1 ltrs
Fresh Heavy Cream300 ml
Salt and grounded pepperto taste
Chopped parsley

Method of preparation of Sea Food chowder soup

  • Boil shrimp and monkfish and other seafood
  • Heat the thick bottomed pan and olive oil and butter, add garlic
  • Make a roux and add in the pan after sauteing potato and carrot and herbs too.
  • Add cream and season it
  • Simmer it for an hour and serve it with a topping of seafood and garnish with chopped parsley.
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