Vegetable Spring Rolls with Szechuan Sauce (Simple Recipe)


Cooking Oil1 tbsp
Chopped ginger garlic1 tbsp
Onion Slice (Green)1
Shredded carrot, cabbage, and beans sprouts200 gm
Soya Sauce1 tbsp
Saltto taste
Pepper to taste
Spring rolls wrappers21.5 cm sq
Testing Powder100 gm (Optional)
Vegetable Oil for Frying 100ml
Egg Yolk 1 nos
Szechuan Sauce1 tbsp
spring rolls

Method of Preparation of Veg-Spring Rolls

  • Heat the oil in a pan.
  • When the oil is hot add ginger, garlic, and fry till golden brown,
  • Then add onion, shredded vegetables, salt, pepper, soya sauce, testing powder, and Szechuan sauce,
  • Fry till it’s half done and quickly turn off the heat and keep aside for cooling,
  • After the vegetables are cooled,
  • Make a roll stuffed with a mixture of vegetables,
  • Heat the vegetable oil, (Frying temperature is 180 degree to 190 degree celsius
  • When the oil reaches the frying temperature, fry the spring rolls till golden brown and serve with Szechuan sauce and garnish with spring onion.
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