White Gravy

White Gravy           

This gravy is white to blonde in color. The base of this gravy is boiled onion paste and the gravy is thickened by nut pastes. It is usually used in Mughlai dishes.

White Gravy

EquipmentOil/FatThickening AgentFlavoring AgentSpicing AgentColoring AgentSouring Agent
The Gravy does not stick to the base of the thick bottomed utensils. Use tinned brass utensil, as an untinned utensil will discolor the gravy and make it appear grey. Use wooden palta to stir this gravy as metals would react to discolor the gravy.Ghee is commonly used in Mughalai food. One can use oil too.The boiled onion pastes along with ginger, garlic, cashew nut and char magaze provide the thickness to this gravy.Khada masala  is tempered in ghee.Green chili paste is used. One can also use slit green chilies that can be removed after cooking.Green chilies also act as coloring agent.Fresh curd needs to be used or else it will curdle. Add after the nut pastes have been added, as they will prevent the curdling.    


Heat ghee in the chosen utensil and temper with Khada Masala and slit green chilies. Add ginger-garlic paste and saute for about a minute.  Add boiled onion paste and cook until ghee comes out. Cook on a slow flame and ensure that onions do not gain color. Add cashew nit paste and char magaz paste and cook for another minute.  If required, little hot water can be added at this stage. Now add whipped curd and cook until the gravy comes to boil. Cover and cook until ghee comes on top. It usually takes 45 minutes for this gravy to cook.

Usage and Storage

This gravy is used in many dishes and curries. It is used as a base for kormas, where more curd and brown onion paste is added. This gravy is rarely used of its own. As it is very heavy.  It is thus combined with makhana. Hariyali gravy, etc. to create royal dishes such as malai kofta, methi matar malai, navrattan korma, etc.

          This gravy should be made when required as the nut pastes and curd can make it sour and spoil rapidly.  However, this mis en place,  such as boiled onion paste, etc.., can be kept ready in the refrigerator.

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